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Each week Bro. Dennis Ingle has a short message in the Sunday Bulletin. This “Blog” is made from these bulletin entries and also messages he posts on Facebook.

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October 12, 2016, 3:00 PM

October 12, 2016 Facebook Posts

12:59 pm
Pastors, in churches today, are judged in several different ways.
How do you judge your Pastor?? #sermonprep #thegoodpastor

1:01 pm

Do we judge our pastors on tradition or on Biblical principles?

By how many are saved in the church in a year.
By how many are baptized in a year.
By how many join the church in a year.
By how many people he visits in a week.
But I find none of these qualifications in the Bible.

1:06 pm
When fiery trials come, would the believers look to their pastor for
encouragement and direction? #whodoyouturntoo

1:09 pm
First a shepherd must protect his sheep. #watchingoutfor

1:12 pm
Not only does he protect them but he must lead them from pasture to pasture so they can be feed.#feedingtheflock

1:51 pm
He must search out the Word of God so that his flock can be properly fed without feeding them something that would cause them to perish. #feedingthetruth

1:52 pm
Some pastors today are only interested in large crowds. #ticklingtheears

1:54 pm
Next, he must take the oversight.The word “bishop” means “overseer, one who looks over for the purpose of leading.”

1:56 pm
We as pastors are also sheep among the rest of you, but we are called to be a leader over you. #livingamongthem

1:58 pm
The effective pastor needs both relationships.
He must be among his people so that he can:
Know them.
Know their needs.
Know their problems.
He must be over them so he can:
Lead them
Help them
Maybe solve their problems.

1:59 pm
There are sins that can creep into the pastor's ministry. #watchout

2:05 pm
First is laziness. “Not by constraint, but willing.”

2:07 pm
When a man has a pastor’s heart, he loves people and serves them because he wants to not because he has to. #lovingGodlovingeachother

2:10 pm
Second is covetousness. “Not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind.”

Paying a man to pastor is proper and it is also scriptural.
But the pay is not the reason for being a pastor.

2:31 pm
A man who will not preach the Word of God without getting paid for it, is in it for the money. I know those who say"If they are going to pay me, I won't go and preach." Better check your calling. #Godcalledmen

2:33 pm
Third is dictatorship. "Neither being lord's over God's heritage." There is a big difference between leadership dictatorship.

2:34 pm
It has been well said that the church needs leaders who serve and servants who lead. #servantsneeded

2:36 pm
He is to be an example.
To be an example means he must be willing to do what he asks his people to do.#leadingbyexample

2:37 pm
A good shepherd will only want to please the owner of the sheep he is watching over. #pleasingGod

2:38 pm
Churches today need leaders who have a desire to please the Lord Jesus Christ and not man. #traditionversestruth

2:40 pm
If he has done those things which he is accountable for he will receive a crown of glory.The glory of a shepherd should come from the owner not the sheep. #seekingthecrown



October 9, 2016, 10:00 AM

Who Walks With God

Who walks with God must take His way
Across far distances and gray
To goals that others do not see,
Where others do not care to be.
Who walks with God must have no fear
When danger and defeat appear,
Nor stop when every hope seems gone,
For God, our God moves ever on.

Who walks with God must press ahead
When sun or cloud is overhead,
When all the waiting thousands cheer,
Or when they only stop to sneer;
When all the challenge leaves the hours
And naught is left but jaded powers.
But he will some day reach the dawn,
For God, our God moves ever on.
                                           Heart and Life

October 9, 2016, 9:00 AM

What a Wonderful Day It Is!

Good Morning Unity and Community;
"This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us be glad and rejoice in it." What a wonderful day it is. Nice and cool this morning and actually cool all day compared to what we have been having. What a wonderful day to go to church, to be among God's people, on God's day, doing God's will. What if Jesus came back today, where would He find you? Would it be that you were doing something that is pleasing to Him, or would it be something that would bring shame on Him? Whether He comes back or not the question is still the same because what you do today will reflect on how you perceive Christ and how people perceive you as a Christian. We at Unity would love to see you with us today. We would love to have the chance to love you, care for ,you, and share Jesus with you today. Our Services are, Sunday School at 9:45 and Worship service at 10:45. May Jesus proud of you today, Come to Church and receive a blessing.

October 2, 2016, 10:00 AM


When I have lost my temper
I have lost my reason too.
I'm never proud of anything
Which I angrily do.
When I have talked in anger
And my cheeks were flaming red
I have always uttered something
Which I wish I had not said,
In anger I have never
Done a kindly deed or wise,
But many things for which I felt
I should apologize.
In looking back across my life,
And all I've lost or made,
I can't recall a single time
When fury ever paid.
So I struggle to be patient,
For I've reached a wiser age;
I do not want a thing
Or speak a word in rage.
I have learned by sad experience
That when my temper flies
I never do a worthy deed,
A decent deed or wise.

October 2, 2016, 8:00 AM


Good Morning Unity and Community;
In the Old Testament times, God set forth a guide line for Israel to follow. We know them as the ten commandments. Yes, there were many more commandments, but these ten were the center
point of focus. They are a good guide line even today. Now we know the laws of the Old Testament were nailed to the cross when Jesus died. What then is our guide lines for today.
Well, since you asked! Peter, in I Peter 4:7-19, gives us 10 things (commandments) that a Christian of today should be doing or following. For the next two Sundays we will be looking at these ten. Most people today (and I include myself) are guilty of not doing as we are told to in God's Word. Come join us for the next two Sundays at 10:45 to find out what these guide lines are.
Tonight at 6:00 we will be having John & Kate from Emmett, Michigan in our services to sing for us. Come join us and have your hearts blessed and praise God through their singing.

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