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Each week Bro. Dennis Ingle has a short message in the Sunday Bulletin. This “Blog” is made from these bulletin entries and also messages he posts on Facebook.

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August 12, 2018, 9:00 AM

God Doesn't Live at Our Home

     Five-year-old Margaret and her brother were frequent visitors in the home of a neighbor. One of the never-ending wonders over which little Margaret pondered as she visited Hortense's home was the prayer time. Hortense's daddy read out of the big black book and aterward talked to God as if He were very near and dear to them all. Some times the family would join in singing a song of praise. One morning when Margaret had been present at the prayer time, Hortense's mother suggested, "Margaret, don't you pray at your house?" Margaret shook her head sadly and said, "No, you see, God doesn't live at our house like He does at yours." Margaret's home was by no means a so-called under-privileged one. It was an average, middle-clas American home. But if the little girl wanted to meet God, the Heavenly Father, she had to go next door. He just wasn't included in her family circle.

August 5, 2018, 9:00 AM

Nothing Less Than The Best

     Before the 1939-45 war, a school for the children of "untouchables" in India received a shipment of Christmas presents from English children each year. Each girl received a doll (whose clothes could be taken off and on!), and each boy a toy.
     One year Doctor Sahib from a nearby mission hospital came to distribute the presents and told the children about a village not far away where the children had never heard of Jesus or of Christmas. He suggested that they might like to give one of their old toys to be taken to these children. They readily agreed, and he came the next Sunday to receive them. Each boy and girl filed past him and handed him a doll or a toy. But, it was the new presents they gave. When asked why, a girl said, "Think what He gave for us, and what He has done for us. Could we give Him less than our best?"

July 27, 2018, 2:44 PM

Jesus Held His Peace (Mark 15:3)

The day when Jesus stood alone
And felt the hearts of men like stone,
And knew He came but to atone
     That day "He held His peace."

They witnessed falsely to His Word, 
They bound Him with a cruel cord,
And mockingly proclaimed Him Lord;
     "But Jesus held His peace."

Dear friend have you for far much less,
With rage which you called "righteousness,"
Resented slights with great distress?
     Remember--"Jesus held His Peace.)
                                       A.B. Simpson

July 21, 2018, 10:12 PM

Revival Should Continue On

Unity and Community;
Revival Meeting has ended; but revival should continue on. Let's continue on tomorrow by being in services studying, praising, and worshiping God.Our love for Him should motivate us to want to serve and worship Him! I pray you had revival in your heart as I did in mine. For those who could not make it for whatever the reason, you can go to our website and look under sermons and listen to all five nights. Praying I see many of you there. Sunday School at 9:45 and Praise and Worship at 10:45. Come and join us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 21, 2018, 11:16 AM


After the crosses--a crown of life;
After weeping--a song;
After the night of sorrow--a bright
     And glorious dawn.

After the heartaches--the comforting;
After the storm--a calm;
After suff'ring and sighing--God's love
     And healing balm.

After the longing--reality;
After wand'ring--the way;
After the pain of parting--the glad
     Reunion day.

After the mourning--the oil of joy;
After darkness--the light;
After earth's toil and trials--the
     Blessed face of Christ.
                                                Eda A. Reid

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