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Each week Bro. Dennis Ingle has a short message in the Sunday Bulletin. This “Blog” is made from these bulletin entries and also messages he posts on Facebook.

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March 12, 2017, 9:00 AM

Not Mine, But His Righteousness

Good Morning Unity and Community;
What a nice cool (cold) day the Lord has provided for us. Oh yes, it could be worst. Let me begin this morning by asking you a question. How good do you think you are? There are many who think that they are good. Some even go to the point to believe that if they are good enough they might make it to heaven. I have even heard people say at funerals "Well, if anyone made it to heaven they sure did, because there was none better than they were." May we be reminded of the words of God that "all are righteousness is as filthy rags."
There has only been one who was good enough and His name was Jesus Christ. It was His righteousness that allows us to enter into heaven. It is His work at Calvary that paid the sin debt that we owed. it is our faith in that work and in the one who preformed that work that allows us into heaven. It doesn't matter how bad a person you are or have become, because it is not based on your righteousness, but upon His righteousness. Come this morning at 10:45 for the rest of the story entitled, "Not Mine, But His Righteousness."

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