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Each week Bro. Dennis Ingle has a short message in the Sunday Bulletin. This “Blog” is made from these bulletin entries and also messages he posts on Facebook.

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October 12, 2016, 3:00 PM

October 12, 2016 Facebook Posts

12:59 pm
Pastors, in churches today, are judged in several different ways.
How do you judge your Pastor?? #sermonprep #thegoodpastor

1:01 pm

Do we judge our pastors on tradition or on Biblical principles?

By how many are saved in the church in a year.
By how many are baptized in a year.
By how many join the church in a year.
By how many people he visits in a week.
But I find none of these qualifications in the Bible.

1:06 pm
When fiery trials come, would the believers look to their pastor for
encouragement and direction? #whodoyouturntoo

1:09 pm
First a shepherd must protect his sheep. #watchingoutfor

1:12 pm
Not only does he protect them but he must lead them from pasture to pasture so they can be feed.#feedingtheflock

1:51 pm
He must search out the Word of God so that his flock can be properly fed without feeding them something that would cause them to perish. #feedingthetruth

1:52 pm
Some pastors today are only interested in large crowds. #ticklingtheears

1:54 pm
Next, he must take the oversight.The word “bishop” means “overseer, one who looks over for the purpose of leading.”

1:56 pm
We as pastors are also sheep among the rest of you, but we are called to be a leader over you. #livingamongthem

1:58 pm
The effective pastor needs both relationships.
He must be among his people so that he can:
Know them.
Know their needs.
Know their problems.
He must be over them so he can:
Lead them
Help them
Maybe solve their problems.

1:59 pm
There are sins that can creep into the pastor's ministry. #watchout

2:05 pm
First is laziness. “Not by constraint, but willing.”

2:07 pm
When a man has a pastor’s heart, he loves people and serves them because he wants to not because he has to. #lovingGodlovingeachother

2:10 pm
Second is covetousness. “Not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind.”

Paying a man to pastor is proper and it is also scriptural.
But the pay is not the reason for being a pastor.

2:31 pm
A man who will not preach the Word of God without getting paid for it, is in it for the money. I know those who say"If they are going to pay me, I won't go and preach." Better check your calling. #Godcalledmen

2:33 pm
Third is dictatorship. "Neither being lord's over God's heritage." There is a big difference between leadership dictatorship.

2:34 pm
It has been well said that the church needs leaders who serve and servants who lead. #servantsneeded

2:36 pm
He is to be an example.
To be an example means he must be willing to do what he asks his people to do.#leadingbyexample

2:37 pm
A good shepherd will only want to please the owner of the sheep he is watching over. #pleasingGod

2:38 pm
Churches today need leaders who have a desire to please the Lord Jesus Christ and not man. #traditionversestruth

2:40 pm
If he has done those things which he is accountable for he will receive a crown of glory.The glory of a shepherd should come from the owner not the sheep. #seekingthecrown



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